Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sweep the Leg

If you appreciated my post titled "Random Dinner Conversations with Adam" then you will love this video. It is by a new group called "No More Kings" and it is based on the character "Johnny" from the Karate Kid. It takes about seven minutes, but is totally funny. You will also notice Mr. Belding, from saved by the bell, along with the real Johnny and Ralph Machio.

You can click on the above link or go to

This post is dedicated to all you out there who watched the Karate Kid everday for an entire summer.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Manthers has a Tooth and a Tail

The angelic baby was fussy all weekend. She wasn't eating much and was making a weird whiny sound. She even woke up in the middle of the night. She was just out of sorts. I was feeling a bit sick myself so I thought she might be coming down with what I had. (I however, wasn't making the weird whiny noise.)

On Monday morning I kindly let her suck on my finger- it was then I discovered her first tooth! The weird whiny sound can now be explained along with her super slobber, and her excessive hand, thumb, and finger sucking.

Here is a pictures of sweet Manther's tail. She was born with a patch of hair that was longer than the rest. Isn't it weird? Maybe I'll put some beads on it before I cut it.

And here is a picture of some silly lady (Rebecca) trying to feed her watermelon.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Henry's Assignment

You are looking at Henry's first kindergarten assignment- a collage to represent who Henry is. Good work Adam! Actually Henry helped pick out the pictures, but I bet if Adam had to make a collage about himself as a homework assignment for Greg (a.k.a. Adam's supervising attorney), it would look a lot like this.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

My Son the Exhibitionsit

Yesterday was a lovely day for soccer. Henry's team, the Dinosaurs, played their second game of the season. The game was at 10:15, so Adam had to start the pre-game ritual at 8:30. Their ritual involves laying out Henry's uniform and suiting him up to the song "Iron Man," doing a warm up in the back yard, and watching some highlights from the English Premier League.

As we were getting in the car to head to the game Adam expressed some distress that Henry wasn't really into his warm-up this morning. He's only 6, I thought to myself, we shouldn't put too much pressure on him. (But, Adam is reliving his childhood through Henry so I didn't say anything.)

Anyway, in the third quarter the game was tied 1-1. Henry was in front of the goal and shot the ball, the goal keeper caught it, but rolled into the goal. Score for the Dinosaurs!

Henry ran from the goal and did two consecutive front flip/somersaults as he made his way back to the midfield. The parents were laughing and cheering. I was slightly embarrassed that my son was so celebratory.

I asked Adam about this, and he said he did not tell Henry to do it, but Henry must have learned it from watching the famous goal-scoring celebration of a current Manchester United player, named "Nani". Henry's somersaults looked something like this.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Overcast and 78

I can do Texas, I really can! This is what I told myself today while walking Caroline into preschool (I was also extra happy there was no sweat dripping down my back). We have been having some exceptionally nice weather this week.

Also, as many of you know due to annoying encounters with people from Texas, Texas likes to think of itself as it's own country. Mind you a "sweaty country," but a country none the less. I think this happens partly because the children of Texas are indoctrinated at an early age. I've recently had to learn the pledge to the Texas flag because I get to do it with my cub scouts. (I'm a den leader-I've got the shirt and everything- lots of fun.)

The pledge of allegiance to the Texas state flag is:
"Honor the Texas flag; I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, one state under God, one and indivisible."

I'm taking this pledge very seriously, and soon I will be one of those annoying people from Texas who like to brag about how wonderful it is here in Texas (however sweaty it may be).

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Motherhood and Food Stamps

Yesterday I found myself having a conversation with a friend in the preschool parking lot that went a little like this:

Laurel: "I just wish I was the type of mom that didn't yell."
Friend: "You had that type of morning too. I'm glad I'm not the only one."
(Then we planned a lunch date.)

This conversation was the result of at least three events orchestrated by "Sweet Caroline" that truly put me over the edge:

1. Caroline putting deodorant all over the leather couch.
2. Caroline coloring with permanent marker all over my new sheets. (It was fun to watch Adam throw the marker off the balcony with disgust when he discovered the "sheet incident.")
And last, but not least,
3. Caroline moving a chair to the mantle in order to get down two angel figurines only to break them.

Food Stamps

While driving home from the preschool that morning I was thinking about what a horrible week I was having when I got a phone call from my good friend Rebecca. Her call made me realize that things could always be worse.
Rebecca just recently moved to another city close by. This city is known for being-what is the word- "posh." For example, the moms do all their make-up and put on high heels just to drop the kids off at school. When driving through the area I've seen many a women in a Mercedes convertible with a toy dog on her lap. (I'm sure I'm just describing the extreme here and I realize there are some normal folk there too.) Paris Hilton owns land there too -JK-. Regardless, there seems to be a little more pressure in this community to be looking your best.
Anyhow, Rebecca had been having a very stressful week. Having just moved into their new home everything that could go wrong did. No gas for hot water, the moving company messing up their furniture, the phone company messing up their computer and phone lines, etc.... Needless to say Rebecca looked stressed out, hadn't had been able to take more than a two second shower, and was probably wearing her workout clothes. Her big mistake was walking into the grocery store like this.
As she was checking out she read the screen on the debit/credit card reader. It said, "select food type." (Something had to be pushed by someone for this to come up.)

"Select food type? What does that mean?" Rebecca stated.

"That is for your food stamps." Replied the clerk.

"Food stamps. I'm not using food stamps. I'm using a credit card." Rebecca responded rather annoyed.

"Oh," said the apologetic clerk, "I just assumed, I'm sorry."

Granted Rebecca's daughter Lauren was probably wearing a swim suit with cowboy boots or something and her hair was probably all messed up, but come on, the clerk was assuming Rebecca was going to use food stamps. I doubt there are many people in her new city that use food stamps. Interesting, it's hard to believe this clerk could be so rude, but come on. (Maybe she accidentally pushed the food stamp button with out knowing.)
Needless to say that was the highlight of Rebecca's horrible week. It was almost as bad as the time I was checking out at Target and I was two weeks away from giving birth to Samantha. The clerk (some foreign women who spoke in an accent) told me that I must be having a baby girl because the baby was draining all the beauty from my face.
I've included a picture of Rebecca and her family, just so you know she cleans up well, and truly could not have looked that awful.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Caroline's First Day

Caroline started preschool this week. I am proud to report there were no tears from the daughter or the mother! We would like you to notice Caroline's sporty new pink back pack (thanks to her dad who went to seven stores to find the perfect color.)

After I got Caroline ready for her second day she announced, "It's time to take a picture."

She had a great day at school and the teachers reported that she loves to hug and cuddle.

Monday, September 3, 2007

A Flower Girl Gone Wild!

Here's to my sister, Megan, who made a beautiful bride!

Here's to my daughter, Caroline, a flower girl gone wild! (Yes, she's the one bent over dumping out flower petals during the wedding. And there she is with a basket on her head during the "flower girl" after party.)

Here's to my son, Henry, a Ring Bearer with great style! (Henry asked if he could be a ring bearer again. Adam suggested we rent him out.)

And here's to my sweet little family that makes everyday worthwhile!

Congratulations Megan & Craig, thank you for letting us be part of your special day!
Megan & Craig Johnson - September 1, 2007

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Random Airplane Conversations with Adam

Our discussion while flying over the Great Salt Lake just before landing in Utah.

Laurel: So you saw a frog on the front porch this morning?

Adam: Yeah, it was small though.

Laurel: So it wasn't the same one I saw last night?

Adam: No.

: Wow, that's an unusual amount of frogs. I think I saw a dead one in front of the Flake's house.

I believe the frogs are migrating to Mexico for the winter. They're just hopping through town.