Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Julie Young Came In Handy Today

I have this friend named Julie Young. She and her husband Scott are some of the most happy and organized people I know. They are also fierce consumers. They always know how to get a deal and get the most out of any situation.

Anyhow, my 4 favs (that being my husband and three children) and I were off to the airport to fly to Utah for my sister's wedding. Dallas was having weather issues and our flight was canceled. This was after three hours of what I will call "airport fun" with Caroline. Just as Caroline did her fourth lap around our table in the airport food court, I got on the phone with the American Airlines agent. The best she could do was get us on a flight late tomorrow afternoon. I wasn't too happy with this. Adam and the kids headed back to curb to await our ride- thanks Bethany- and I went to the baggage claim to figure out where our luggage was.

Then it dawned on me, Julie Young told me about a time where she was able to talk the airline into putting her on another carrier because her flight was delayed. Well, I might as well try that. So I marched up to the ticket counter and was able to get myself and my 4 favs on a Delta flight first thing in the morning.

Thanks Julie Young, you came in handy today.

I don't know if Julie reads my blog, but everyone, lets give a shout out for Julie.

Random Dinner Conversations with Adam

The other night, Adam looked up from his plate and asked me if I ever had a summer, when I was a kid, that I watched the "Karate Kid" everyday. Hmmm. No I hadn't, but I wanted to see where this was going so I didn't say anything just yet.

He went on to talk about how he watched it everyday one summer and how he would practice the signature karate kid move (you know arms out to the side like large hooks and one leg up) in the ocean when they were at Myrtle Beach. It makes me laugh picturing him doing this. Then Adam started talking about parts of the movie,
like the part when it was Halloween and the mean Karate boys put Daniel's bike in the dumpster and they were dressed like skeletons.

Then he started singing the theme song by Joe Espisito:

"You're the best around, nothings gonna ever keep you down."

Then he started quoting the final fight scene when the boys from Cobra Kai, in the black karate suits, were cheering on the blonde guy with the featherd hair (Johnny):

"Put him in a body bag! YEahhhhh! Tehehehehe!"

Adam quoted this three times and couldn't stop laughing. Then I started laughing because I was so amused he could remember these direct quotes from the movie. All I really remembered was "Wax on wax off," that I didn't like the blonde guy's feathered hair, and that the car Mr. Miagi gave Danielson wasn't really that cool, it was like a big yellow banana. Then I remembered Elizabeth Shue was in that movie and I wished she had been in more stuff. Then we cleared the table.

Monday, August 27, 2007

First Day of School

I'm a bit emotional right now. I didn't think this day would phase me a bit, but my little boy just walked out of my house on what is the first of many days he will be away from me. Yes, I am a bit sad. It was only yesterday he was my one and only, my little two year-old, my best buddy. Here he is on the front steps of historic St. John's Church in Richmond. And here he is four years later on our front porch ready to go to school.

Adam insisted on taking him this morning. He even got up early and went to Chic-fil-a to buy Henry his favorite breakfast. When they pulled up to the school Adam said that Henry was in the zone. He didn't even want to hold his dad's hand. No hug goodbye, just straight to the legos at his table, past the grandparents trying to take pictures of their grandkids with their over stressed teacher. Henry will do very well. (Double click on my photomerge below to see it better.)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Kid Report

Samantha- On Monday, when I picked up Samantha from the YMCA child care center, the nice employee confided, "If I had a favorite baby who comes in here, it would be Samantha." Yes, she still is the "Angel Baby."

Henry- Henry started his fall soccer season this week, nothing like 6 year-olds practicing in 90 degree weather. Anyhow, when we were discussing his upcoming Saturday games, with all seriousness, he asked if his games would be broadcast on t.v. (Too much watching sports with dad.)

On Monday, when we were finishing up family night, I had to run upstairs and change Samantha's diaper. When I came down Adam and the kids had already had the family prayer. I expressed that I was sad that they didn't wait for me to have the prayer. A few minutes later Henry came into the room and said, "Don't be sad, I'll have a prayer with you."

You may have noticed I didn't mention anything about Caroline. Lets see, she screamed while we were at Kroger this week, she smeared oranges into the carpet (but that wasn't as bad as the lipstick a month or so back), she insists on doing everything herself (car seat, shoes, clothes etc...), and she smiled a lot in between screams. Lets just say she's a spirited child.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Get Better Uncle Jake!

About three weeks ago my brother suffered a seizure and a stroke, which left him with what is called an "anoxic brain injury." He suffers from short term memory loss. I was in Utah last weekend offering him love and support. It's hard to be in Texas when there is so much going on at home that I'd like to help with. Right now I'm just working hard doing research on brain injuries, therapy, and the different resources that can be available for him. Brain injury is life altering. We are hoping that with the right therapy he may have a degree of independence in the future, but right now he needs to be cued on what to do all the time. Despite his injury, he is very sweet and pleasant, but is confused most of the time. He is a lot like an Alzheimer patient.

Here is Jake with his little niece Samantha. Sadly, he couldn't remember her name, but on my last day he did ask me how "Little Caroline" was doing. I told him Caroline was in Texas and cued him that this little one's name started with an "S." He immediately said Samantha. That gave me some hope. Brain injuries take time and patience. Through therapy he can develop routines that will help him become more independent. Please keep him and my family in your prayers. We will be in Utah in a week and a half to visit Jake and go to my sister, Megan's, wedding. Sorry the blog has been slow.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Henry's 360- Sideways

We hit 100 today in the big "D!" Too hot for me! We had our last swimming lesson of the season this morning and then we came home and hibernated in the air conditioning. Henry has become a great swimmer this summer, thanks to his awesome swimming teacher Ethan. Here's a shot of Henry doing a 360, sorry about it being sideways- at least, I'm not blogging about game shows.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Singing Bee- I'm a Fan

So, Adam and I caught this show last night and really had a good time watching the people try to sing the missing lyrics, while dancing, in their hopelessly out of tune voices. We got a real kick out of it and Adam definitely thinks they need to make a home version. I'm trying hard to picture Adam swaying his hips trying to sing a song in front of a group of friends. Joey Fatone didn't quite "have it" as a host and the "Honey Bees" were pretty funny to watch- like high school drill team dancers gone wild. I think if NBC tweaks the show a bit they might have something good for a couple seasons until the excitement wears off. "Deal Or No Deal" has probably run it's course. Not that I watch game shows, but come on, there are only so many ways Howie Mandel can make a phone call from "the banker" feel dramatic. And as a side note, it looks like more and more game show hosts are going for the earring look.

Sorry the blog has been slow, life just gets busy. I promise fun pictures of the kids soon.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Samantha 's Blessing

While in Utah, Adam was able to give Samantha her blessing in the presence of most of her extended family. It is similar to the christenings which are done in other churches, but a blessing is usually done by the father. It was nice to celebrate Samantha's safe arrival with her extended family. She truly is a sweet, gentle spirit who will bring peace and calm where ever she goes. Here are a few pictures of her with her happy grandparents.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

"David Beckham is Ridiculously Good Looking!"

I have heard my husband say this about a hundred times. He is even requesting a David Beckham hair cut. Can you say "man crush?"

Uncle Joseph's Wedding

This past week we were able to make a trip to Utah and celebrate Adam's little brother Joseph's wedding. Here is a picture of the bride and groom.

Here is a picture of Adam and the kids dressed up in their wedding duds.
And here is a picture of the 2 newest editions to the Darowski Family, little Samantha and Aunt Emily. Emily met Joseph at the Michigan State University where they are both enrolled in graduate school. Emily is getting a PHD in psychology and Joseph is working a PHD in American Studies. Doesn't Emily look beautiful! She is perfect for Joseph and we are so happy to have her in the Family! Samantha looks cute too!