Sunday, January 20, 2008

My thanks and Neighborhood Lemonade

First, I want to thank you readers out there for keeping my blog interesting with all your fun comments. I have literally freaked out this past week. I'm glad we don't plan on buying and selling a home for at least 200 years.

With that being said I want to tell you about the girls in my neighborhood who provided me with comic relief this afternoon with their Lemonade selling venture. I myself used to co-own and operate a lemonade stand so I was sympathetic to their request when they knocked on my door and asked me if I wanted to come buy some lemonade. I told them I would get my daughter and we would head over. When I got to the Lemonade selling corner I asked them how much it was.

"Its free or just 2 cents."

"Only 2 cents, why so cheap?"

"Our parents don't want us selling it because we don't have any cups, they said we should just make it free."

"You don't have any cups?"

"No, we just have spoons. You can have one spoonful or five spoonfuls."

"Oh....I can get you some cups."

So I went and got them some cups, gave them a couple quarters for Lemonade, and Caroline and I got to meet their dog 'Sasha' who had white, pink, and blue fur.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Reason Why

The last time I updated this post was in 2007. This new year has provided me with a lot of stress. Since I last updated Adam and I found a new house, made an offer, put our house on the market, got a contract on the new house, got an offer on our house and we aren't really sure what we are doing. I don't sleep at night and I just realized that I'm crazy. Is that what you people wanted to know?