Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Since November was so last year....

....and since Samantha thinks she's a Cub Scout, I thought I'd update this little neglected blog. So today, when we instructed the "Cubbies" (my affectionate nickname for the 8-year-old boys I have the pleasure of meeting with each week) to go to the front of the room and line up to practice a skit, Samantha got right in line. And when we passed out the parts, Samantha reached up for one. And when we practiced our parts, standing in that same line, she stayed focussed, more focussed than most of those 8-year-old boys.

So, all I'm saying is, just be nice to her when she comes to your door to sell Girl Scout Cookies. I mean, she's really into scouting, and I know the cookie thing is coming.

Oh... and....she can talk....a lot.... and it's cute.

Samantha reaching for her part.

(We accidentally skipped her at first, not really being prepared for her desire to participate. Luckily, she can't read yet so I was able to improvise.)