Saturday, August 30, 2008

Going for Gold! Nastia Style!

So, Adam grabbed a local newspaper last night when he was picking up our Chili's to Go (It's so hard to cook on Fridays) and found out that Nastia Liukin would be signing autographs at a local mall. Well, Adam couldn't help him self, and made plans to take our family to go see her. Caroline was dressed in her gymnastics attire, Henry and Adam both sported Adidas wear, (because Adidas sponsors Nastia) and Samantha and I just dressed in our "everyday wear."

When we first got there, I found this nice cut out picture of Nastia. Caroline examined her Olympic hero very carefully. Nastia has a clothing line at JC Penny, so you might get to see this cut out too.

We heard the line to see Nastia was very long, so I stayed up front to just get a picture of Nastia. Then Nastia arrived! Here she is with her cut out, or so I thought!

I could swear this girl is Nastia, everyone there thought she was Nastia, but no, she just looks like Nastia and now her life is no longer the same.

Then I went to wait in the real line while Adam and Henry scoped the scene waiting for Nastia to finally arrive. This is who they found!

Just Nastia's awesome dad and coach, Valeri, also an olympic gold medalist! He was so gracious to Adam when he asked him to take a picture with Henry. Adam even thanked him in Russian, "spacebo." Then Adam grabbed Caroline to take a picture. At this point, we were not going to wait in line for 5 hours to get Nastia's autograph.

When Valeri saw Caroline he said, "Look at this little gymnast." We even caught a picture of Nastia's mom- remember she couldn't even be in the gym to watch Nastia compete because she was so nervous! They are definitely a very neat family.

So we didn't get to talk to Nastia, but we did meet her parents, and as we all know, parents are a big part of what their children can accomplish!

I was able to reach over the crowd to get this little picture of Nastia. It was pretty cool to see hundreds of little girls lining up in awe to meet a hero. It's nice to have heros. Mine was Mary Lou Retton- I even had to get the haircut. And, I do admit to having a crush on Greg Louganis.

Hopefully, this memory will be a bit of inspiration for this little one.

Next week, we are driving to Iowa to meet Shawn Johnson, and I still want to have her as a babysitter, because she is just so darn cute.

Friday, August 29, 2008

1st Day of School

Since we took most of August off, we thought we'd at least let you see pictures of Henry's first day of school. Here he is with Mrs. Reading- hopefully she will live up to her name. And here is a picture of Henry walking to school. (We forgot to take the traditional 1st day of school picture at the house, so we caught one on the neighbors lawn!)

It has been really fun to walk to school. The girls love it getting in the stroller and seeing everyone in the neighborhood walk over. It is a very social time for us!

We loved the Olympics and Adam has announced he will begin training for 2012. He doesn't know which event he will compete in, but it will probably involve a racket and a birdie. He may even have to take a leave of absence from work if it competes with his vigorous training routine.