Monday, April 23, 2007

Caroline's Birthday

On Saturday, April 21st, sweet little Caroline turned 3 years old! Isn't she cute? We celebrated her birthday "Backyardigan's" style by having a party for her in the "Backyard." Uniqua even made an appearance on Caroline's birthday cake! Grandpa and Grandma Darowski were also able to be there which made Caroline's party even more fun. Sweet Caroline!Uniqua Birthday Cake!
Blowing out the candles!
Caroline had a lot of fun in the backyard with Henry. For most of her party she and her brother entertained the adults with their tackling, racing, and overall sillyness. Caroline is always figuring out ways to act silly and most of the time it involves her brother. They get along very well, but it is surprising to see how much she gets in his business and tries to tease him. She is definately not afraid of contact. And to be honest with you- if she gets hurt- well, she usually deserves it.

For Caroline's birthday she was given a pink "Plasma Cart." It is propelled by turning the steering wheel back and forth. As you can see Caroline had great fun driving it up and down our newly gated driveway. Henry got one too- so now they can have races. Henry wants to set up a "Mario Cart Course" in the backyard. If you know Henry well- you will really appreciate this- he also wants to put real banana peels back there to make the course more challenging.
Another special part of Caroline's birthday was having her new little sister Samantha there. Samantha was passed around all evening and didn't cry once. Here is Grandma Kay giving her a little love.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Monday, April 16, 2007

Here Comes Samantha!

Here is a picture of the family just before I went to the hospital to have Samantha. The kids were very excited for the birth of their little sister and the fact that they were going to play with their friends Grant and Maddie for the day. I was just relieved to know that in a few short hours I would no longer be pregnant and Adam was happy he wasn't at work. But most of all we were excited to meet Samantha and add her to our family. Here is a picture of me during my C-Section. Look how happy I am! I guess those drugs really work- and I was excited to see little Samantha in few short minutes. The Doctor was excited that she was so large and a nurse called her a little "Moose." That didn't bother me at all- Henry was 9 lbs. 2 oz.- so a baby weighing 8 lbs. 12 oz. was no big deal. I was just happy to have a happy healthy baby in my arms.

Dad, mom, and baby together for the first time!

Little Samantha just a few minutes old! She didn't cry much when she came out of the womb, but when she did cry she sounded like a small animal growl. If anyone is familiar with Diego and Dora- I would have to say she sounded like baby Jaguar. She still hasn't cried much so we don't know if that cry will evolve into something we are more familiar with.
Mom and baby! I would have to say this was my easiest delivery yet. With Henry I had to labor for 20 hours then have the C-Section. With Caroline we were scheduled for a C-section and then labored for a few hours after my water broke in the pre-op. With Samantha everything was totally planned and very easy. My only complication this time has been severe swelling, which I hope will go down soon.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Princess Caroline

We just wanted to showcase the little princess that lives at our house. She sure acts like a princess too. You don't want to cross her or she will banish you to the dungeon. She is three and she is the boss.


Welcome to the new Darowski Family Blog! With the upcoming birth of little Samantha we thought this would be a good way to keep all our friends and family informed of our comings and goings. So we will start with Easter! Here are some pictures of the kids in the new Easter attire.

Easter Sunday was a nice day for our family despite a sad event. Henry and Caroline enjoyed their Easter baskets and had fun hunting eggs- but all egg hunting was confined to the indoors. It was way too cold to be outside! We had snow flurries and freezing rain. We went to our city egg hunt on Saturday and left after about ten minutes- we couldn't handle the cold. We have become true Texans! So with hot chocolate in our hands we left the egg hunt without actually hunting eggs and went to a sports grill for lunch. When we arrived home we found Grandma Vickie in tears after she found out her sweet dog "Tillie" had been run over by a car. Here is a picture of Tillie-she was only six years old.

This Easter we were able to find even more comfort in the blessing of the resurrection. Grandma Vickie is here to help us get ready for Samantha and to help me stay off my feet. All I can say is SWOLLEN! Next Monday I am scheduled to go in for a C-section- wish us luck! Check back for pictures of our little one!