Sunday, March 16, 2008

Favorite Moments from our move!

Hello! The stress is finally alleviated and I'm ready to reestablish the blog!

We've been in our new home for about 2 weeks and we are finally settling in.

Week 1- Work was still going on in the house. Painting, texturing, lots of kitchen stuff, new appliances were being installed, and the lighting was being reworked. We didn't even move the fridge in from the garage until day 8.

During week 1 Caroline complained- "Mom, the Hollywood house doesn't have a table."
(We call this the Hollywood house because the street is called Hollywood. I overheard Henry telling a friend that we were moving to "Hollywood, you know where Tony Romo's girlfriend lives."- I have to admit I do like living in Hollywood.)

Funny story from Week 1 (or, "The Night Adam Almost Went to Jail" [DISCLAIMER - we have been to the Lewisville landfill many, many times, so the story that follows is an isolated incident, and not how we typically roll]) - After the move we had a lot of stuff that needed to be removed from the old house and thrown away before we delivered possession of the house over to our buyers. In fact, it was a whole van load. Since he wasn't going to be able to make it to the landfill in time, and since he didn't want to move our garbage over to the new house, Adam decided to visit an apartment dumpster with Henry in tow. After Adam had been unloading his junk for a few minutes some man came out from the apartment complex and asked Adam if he was a resident. Adam told him he was not. The man said that what Adam was doing was "illegal" (criminal trespassing--sounds kind of harsh but I guess technically that is what it was) and that he had called the cops. Yikes. At that point Adam envisioned having to call me to bail him out of the Lewisville jail. But then the guy told Adam that he better leave before the cops got there (at which point Adam knew he was bluffing) and quickly left. On the ride away from the apartment dumpster, Henry asked his dad, "What does 'illegal' mean?" Adam told him that it means, "Next time, we'll just go to the landfill." This situation was not Adam's finest moment. The next day Adam, burdened by a guilty conscience and needing to repent, did call the apartment complex manager to apologize and ask if he could pay for a portion of that week's garbage collection costs. The manager thanked him for calling and asked him to just please not illegally dump there again. The moral of this story is obvious. The fact that Adam did this at 7:30 p.m. (not exactly the middle of the night) and that he had the van backed up to the dumpster (rather than parked in a regular stall) may have made him a little extra conspicuous. He was also wearing a hooded jacket because it was raining, so he probably just looked a lot like someone up to no good.

Public Service Announcement from the Darowski's: Don't dump in dumpsters you're not supposed to dump in.

Addendum to this story - the other night we went to Henry's school for an open house to visit his classroom and see what he and the other kids had been working on. The kids are currently keeping a journal where they write entries every few days. One of Henry's entries was entitled "My Dad Did Something Illegle" (that little guy almost had it all spelled correctly!). Again, this whole episode was not Adam's finest moment. Next time we'll just go to the landfill, or at least not bring the children along when we are committing misdemeanors.

Day 9- I held a baby shower at the house for my good friend Bethany. Literally the painter was finishing up just 30 minutes before the shower started. Having something at the house was a good motivator to get unpacked quickly.

Week 2- Cooked for the first time in two months. The family was reintroduced to vegetables, and we had some good friends from Austin come in for a visit.

We are almost done with the remodeling. I will post before and after pictures in the next week or so. Here you can see pictures of Adam and Henry at the FC Dallas LA Galaxy game. I think it was the highlight of Adam's life to see David Beckham play, after all, earlier that week when we debated going Adam said, "If we don't go, what is the point?" "The point to what?" I asked. "To everything."

Needless to say, Adam needed a pick me up after the dumpster incident. Henry had a great time, and you can see that he lost his first tooth this week!