Sunday, November 30, 2008


I probably haven't had Thanksgiving with my parents in at least 8 or 9 years, so it was very nice they could come this year, along with my Sister Annie and my Brother Jacob. The kids seem to go wild when relatives are around, they love all the extra attention. But, I don't think their aunt & uncle are used to being climbed upon, poked, tickled, and punched so frequently.

We were also very happy to spend Thanksgiving with our good friends, the Rousseaus. Christine was the first friend I made when we moved to Texas. We are often mistaken for sisters and it feels like we really are. I am very grateful for all of her goodness and her awesome coconut cream pie. I'm also grateful for their long awaited addition, Baby Pierce.

But, most of all I'm grateful for my cute, sweet, patient husband and my cute, mostly sweet, and rarely patient children, Henry, Caroline, & Samantha.

Speaking of gratitude, I can tell you what Caroline is not thankful for. (Three people came up to me today after church and told me about Caroline's loud comments during "Sharing Time.") In a room full of approximately 50 to 60 children and their teachers, Caroline noticed something she didn't agree with and spoke up. When another child was at the front of the room picking up a picture of fruits and vegetables to show what she was thankful for, Caroline exclaimed loudly: "That's weird! Who would be thankful for fruits and vegetables."

(I'm sure, because she eats at least five servings a day and they are an abundant part of her life, it is so easy for her to take them for granted.)

Oh, and I forgot to mention my mother's really nice turkey outfit.


Mary Kaye said...

Nice collage! Glad it was a good holiday for y'all!

Emily said...

i need your new address.quick! email me. please.

cause i know you are just die'n for our card!!!

berlinwritergirl said...

Kids say the best things! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas!


So, I always enjoy getting on your blog and reading about the daily dish on the darowski family. You always make me laugh. But if you're having a bad day today, just go to my blog, I bet I could top you. =) It was a pretty stressful day in the life of Kristin. =)

blogginscoggins said...

Your blog is cute - now that I found you, I'm adding you to my page!

Amber Scoggin

James and Lori Ellsworth said...

Laurel, I love Caroline's hilarious comment! Christine was my first Texas friend, too. Lori (Red Hot #7)Ellsworth

Christine said...

Did I miss the turkey outfit? We're so grateful for YOU & your fun family....oh, and the stuffing.:) Thanks for a memorable day!

rvasay said...

Um don't we need a new post? Hello--
Thanks giving was a long time ago!
Desperate for news in Argentina

lori parkhurst said...

It is good to see you! THis is your high school soccer friend Lori Johnson Parkhurst. Your children are adorable and it looks like you are doing well in Texas. It think about you often. Please email me if you want an invite to my blog Take care!